Gimme a band bio. Not a publicist. 

Bands need bios, but writing about yourself gets weird, like comping your own vocals or looking in the mirror too long, and most average musicians can't afford the thousands of dollars it costs to hire a publicist - that is, if you're lucky enough to have them return your email. offers the working musician a professional bio, written by an award-winning entertainment journalist, who also happens to be a Nashville-based touring musician and knows both sides of the business.


I work with individual budgets so bands and solo artists can have a bio quickly turned around, ready for whatever gig you're trying to book or record you need to promote. We'll revise it if you aren't stoked, but you're guaranteed to sound cooler than you actually are. - Jack Evan Johnson

Jack Evan Johnson playing at The Cobra in Nashville, TN - Decembr 2017